Free Head & Neck Cancer Screening, Sunday April 29, 2012 from 1-5pm, Holland Performing Arts Center     |     Receive regular screenings to lower your chance of Oral, Head and Neck Cancer. Early detection is a LIFESAVER.


The vision of the Thomas J. Dobleman Head and Neck Cancer Institute is a multi-dimensional center treating patients and offering support for the patient and their family. The center will be a place of comfort and solace for those who are faced with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer but also those who want help with cancer prevention and early detection.

Head and neck cancer research as well as building community, regional and national awareness are part of our efforts.


The Dobleman Head & Neck Cancer Institute is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of cancerous and benign tumors of all kinds in the head and neck area.


A diagnosis of a benign tumor or malignant cancer of the head and neck is the first step towards a cure.

In addition to seeking a cure, patients with head and neck tumors have special concerns such as effects on appearances and ability to function in daily activities.

The Thomas J. Dobleman Head and Neck Cancer Institute is sensitive to these issues as we focus on treating the tumor as well as addressing the patient's appearance and functional needs such as speech, swallowing and breathing.